July 1, 2019 0

Prime Saver

Prime Saver The program is a perfect start for anyone’s day giving a round-up of events of importance to South Asian community across the globe. Watch Shows
July 1, 2019 0

Prime Discussion

Prime Discussion The show focuses on discussion around the most relevant current topic to Punjabi community. Watch Shows
July 1, 2019 0

Prime Focus

Prime Focus Prime Focus in one of the most sought after platforms for personalities of public interest and accountability. Top politicians and bureaucrats are lined up to answer what our audience needs to know. Watch Shows
August 9, 2020 0

Prime Khabar Di Khabar

Prime Khabar Di Khabar Mr. Swarn Tehna has become a household name among our Punjabi speaking audiences across the world. His unique and straight style of delivering news and opinions makes him earn a special respect and place in our heart. Watch Shows
July 1, 2019 0

Chajj Da Vichar

Chajj Da Vichar This team takes over every day to tickle you funny bones by delivering the art of ‘satire’ in its best format. The program primarily focuses on interactions with celebrities from various spheres of life. Watch Shows
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